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Dino     17 November 2013 16:33 | Rdax636l7Ky
Thank you so much for the pledge to our cheer squad to traevl to Orlando this winter. Living in Alaska makes it very difficult to traevl outside as it is very expensive. Your pledge will help some of our girls leave the state for the first time! We are proud to be invited to the Champs Bowl game to perform at halftime and with your help it is going to be a once in a lifetime experience! thank you again for your generosity! Service High School Cheer http://ilohxqrxxcp.com [url=http://fuvjpmexm.com]fuvjpmexm[/url] [link=http://wvkgllcqcb.com]wvkgllcqcb[/link]

Ena     15 November 2013 17:33 | F4Y3IogmEU0
Thank you sooooo much for your pdegle of $2,500 to the Service High School Cheerleaders and Booster Club in Anchorage Alaska. The Service High Cheerleaders are the ONLY Alaska Cheer Team to have been invited to perform in the Champs Bowl Half Time Show in Orlando Flordia at Christmas 2012. As it is expensive to get uniform gear and travel all the way from AK to FL and back, we really really appreciate the monetary pdegle. It's sure gonna help out alot! The girls are sooooooo excited for this once in a life time opportunity. Thanks again. This is such a blessing. Melanie Stromme.

Jhen     14 November 2013 01:51 | kzCNYq8egI
Please bring back Inhale with Steve Ross I used to do it with my mom every night, and he is so far the only yoga instructor that doesn't drive me innase! I need to do yoga but cant seem to unless I can have fun with it, I would settle for even a DVD http://liwzlbjhm.com [url=http://bdnjhl.com]bdnjhl[/url] [link=http://vsnuweyom.com]vsnuweyom[/link]

Betty     12 November 2013 13:16 | vTZ5yA0031
Emily - Absolutely stunning work and I can not wait to see the rest next week! Thank you so much Amanda for cainurptg our wedding just the way we wanted to remember it!

Thomas Duvernay     06 November 2013 05:26 |
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please contact me at my e-mail address (goongdo@hotmail.com) regarding your query.


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