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Sondra L Berry     10 September 2009 23:27 | California
Contact me @ (916) 944-3008 if you are interested or have any questions. It's interesting because the company has had a similar history to AKA 67 USS Starr. I found a picture of the ship in a 2nd hand store the other day, and purchased the picture today. I continue my search at the library and found the USS Starr web site. This is ***! Jesus Christ reveals secrets even about commissioned ships. By this I mean, the name I chose for the company was a woman named Starr who has gone on to be with the LORD in heaven. She was a WWII era American who married a Starr. I had no idea there is a place called Starr County in Texas until today. If any one has comments for me please feel free to give me a call, I am not on line at home, so to give you my email is not the best method of reaching me. Veterans of Foreign Wars are welcomed to please call me if I can help you record your stories, expecially the WWII survivors who are quickly leaving the planet. I hope that your eternity is going to spent with Jesus Christ who I believe caused you to survive the war years. He has caused me to survive the war years also, but my service has not ended yet.

Sondra L Berry     10 September 2009 23:15 | California
I named my life story video taping production company Starr and had no idea that there was an attack cargo battle ship in WWII. It's very interesting because the folks that I focus on are WWII survivors. Who wants to be involved in having your life story recorded by me for your families, friends, WWII military comrades, or ? It's your choice.

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