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Arthur Rauch     24 January 2015 22:08 | Port Orange FL
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My Uncle Everett Forster served on the Starr during WW 2.
I have many photos of the Starr.Anyone interested please contact me via E Mail

Michael Clouse     31 December 2014 00:43 | Reading, Pa
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William (bill or bud) Clouse
My father served on th uss starr,
Can someone please put him on the
Eternal watch list, he died Dec. 9 1987
And is buried @ Riverside National
Cemetery, in Riverside, California.
Thank you's very much,

Michael Clouse. (Jones)

Thomas Duvernay     17 November 2014 23:08 |
Please feel free to talk on our Starr forum: http://www.ussstarr.org/punbb/index.php


Thomas Duvernay     17 November 2014 23:06 |
Hi Pam,

Yes, my dad talked about your dad. I remember seeing his name often, too. It's great to hear from another "Starr Child" :)


pam keller     17 November 2014 14:56 | salina, kansas
Greetings, my dad, John R. "Bob" Breen served on this ship. Did your Dad ever mention him?

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